CES 2008: Halo 3 weapons turned into real-world laser-tag guns

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halo-3-plasma-rifle.jpgWouldn’t you like to own a Halo 3 plasma rifle or plasma pistol in real life? Well, you can! A US company called Jasman Toys is selling replica versions with Laser Pursuit technology built in.

They’re made from metal and plastic, and have vibration, sound effects, lights and a decent recoil. The plasma rifle even has pop-out heat exchange flanges in its side. They come with a target, which you attach to a mate, and then spend happy time shooting the bejaysus out of them.

They’ve been on sale in the US for a little while now, costing $119.99 for the rifle, and $79.99 for the pistol. Coming later this year, though, is a Covenant Energy Sword. Cor. I asked about potential European distribution, and Jasman seemed quite keen, so fingers crossed they’ll cross the Atlantic sooner rather than later. See over the jump for a photo of the pistol.


Jasman Toys website

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