Halo 3 Covenant Plasma Rifle goes on sale in the UK

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halo-3-blaster.jpgCor. No sooner have we written about some cool Halo 3 laser guns on show at CES, then they go on sale at UK etailer Firebox. Well, one of them does. I’m talking about the Covenant Plasma Rifle, which here in the UK costs £79.95.

It’s the same model, so it comes with a wearable target, ensuring that you and friends can re-enact Halo 3 running around the kitchen table / back garden / local crack-alleys (delete as appropriate). I reckon this one could sell out fast, so it’s worth getting in early.

Be warned though, an hour spent playing real-world laser-tag Halo in the park is an hour that thousands of callow teenagers are practising proper Halo 3, in order to kick your arse next time you venture online. Just a thought.

Halo 3 Covenant Plasma Rifle product page (via Toyology)

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