CES 2008: $50,000 to spare? The Burmester 069 CD player is awaiting you

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I consider myself a serious music buff – I still buy vinyl, keep my CDs in order and spend a significant amount on the kit to play it all. But even if my numbers came up on the Lotto, I would find it hard to part with $50,000 (£25,000) on a CD player.

But that’s what the Burmester 069 CD player will cost you. Burmester Audiosysteme makes ultra high-performance electronics and speakers, with the 069 aimed very much at the rich audiophile. Features? Well, the proprietary belt drive motor system spins the CDs rather than using the more typical direct-drive mechanisms and has carbon-fibre spring pucks to separate the receptive electronics from external interference. It also comes with newly developed 96 and 192-kHz oscillators with minimal phase noise and high thermal stability.

None of which will have any impact unless you have ridiculously-expensive speakers and an amplifier to match – but if you’re in the market for this, you probably do.

Burmester (via Born Rich)

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