CES 2008: Zoom around on a pair of iShoes

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By rights, iShoes should be trainers with iPod docks built in. They’re not though. Instead, they’re motorised wheely things that strap onto your actual shoes, and let you roll around at an impressive 13.5 mph.

They weigh less than 12 pounds, and are powered by a Lithium-ion battery pack that recharges in two hours, with a range of up to three miles. In other words, they’re for zooming around your office or university, rather than longer journeys.

The company behind them told us they’re inspired by Apple and Lamborghini in terms of the shoes’ visual design. They are quite pricey though, at $619.99 including shipping in the US. They will ship to the UK though, if you fancy a go.

iShoes website

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