CES 2008: OQO shows off WiMAX-enabled Model O2 UMPC

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We caught up with OQO at last year’s CES – it’s the grand old inventor of the UMPC market. At least, that’s what they say. Anyway, OQO is showing off a WiMAX-enabled version of its Model 02 UMPC at CES this year, in partnership with US telco Sprint, which is rolling out the Xohm WiMAX network.

OQO says it’s the first UMPC to be WiMAX compatible, and will benefit from download speeds of up to 4Mbps, and uplink speeds of up to 1.5Mbps. However, don’t expect to get one immediately – Sprint is rolling out its Xohm network over the next two years, and when I talked to OQO last night, they didn’t have a release date in mind.

However, OQO has also announced a new version of the Model 02, with a 64GB solid state drive and a screen that reduces sunlight reflections by 50%. The SSD also means apps will load faster, while the battery should last a bit longer. You can buy the new model now for $2,999 in the US.

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One thought on “CES 2008: OQO shows off WiMAX-enabled Model O2 UMPC

  • I bought it since 2 months ago. It’s a MARVEL! It NEVER freezed…even here in Canada at minus 20 degrees! It worked! It’s very fast and the screeen is very precise. It came with screen protector installed by OQO witout any air bubbles! The ONLY anoying is the double battery does not run 5 hours. With a low adjust of brightness and wifi off. Bluetooth off. The battery charge of the double capacity battery is only 3 hours and 15 minutes. It’s the only remark. The keyboard is heavy duty, very easy to use, and i don’t make 2 notes touch, so i can write fast as same as with a full keybosrd. The lighty keybord blue light is very easy to read in the low light or dark. It’s the best UMPC of all…But it’s a bit pricy…But it’s the best.

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