NOT CES 2008: Yahoo!'s web Finds of the Year


yahoo-finds-of-year-2007.jpgSilly old Yahoo! decided to send out a press release about its 2007 ‘best of the web’ awards today. Probably no one else will notice, what with the billions of press releases about TVs and mobile phones and robots and five-for-one HD DVD deals flying about the place at the moment.

But WE noticed.

Yahoo! has come up with this list of what it calls the “Finds of the Year 2007” – basically a self-promoting little ready-made feature for bloggers like us to slot in among the billions of updates about new kinds of Bravia we’re all hammering out today.

World Reviewer won for best Travel site, for example, with Move Me getting the nod as best for innovation. Voting for the People’s Choice part of the festivities is open for another week or so. The Shiny Media site about handbags is one of the People’s Choice options, if you’ve got a few seconds spare and fancy making some girls in the office get excited and jump up and down and screech a bit.

The full list of Yahoo!’s Web Finds of the Year can be found by clicking the link below – we’re not that desperate to go redirecting traffic elsewhere…

Best Ethical Website:
The Nag

Best Travel Website:
World Reviewer

Best Innovative Website:
Move Me

Best Educational Website:
Friends Abroad

Best Social Website:
Doggy Snaps

Best Weird and Wonderful Website:
Faces in Places

Best Charitable Website:
Free Rice

Best Shopping Website:
Nigel’s Eco Store

And they’d better all be grateful for the traffic.

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