CES 2008 Roundup: Wednesday

CES 2008


Things are slowing down a tad at CES today, possibly because half the attendees are lurking outside the Sands hall trying to cop an eyeful of porn stars (the AVN adult industry conference is taking place next door). But we’ve still been rooting around for cool products, as well as checking out Wyclef Jean at the Billboard Digital Music Live summit.

See below for all the links. Meanwhile, after last night’s excellent drink-off with Gizmodo, tonight Team Shiny’s world-famous cocktail-guzzling antics shift to Coyote Ugly at New York New York…

CES 2008: Wyclef Jean talks Motorola, ringtones, Shakira and… Bob Dylan?
CES 2008: IZ3D gaming monitor pwns 3D plasmas
CES 2008: iriver Clix+ portable media player with OLED screen
CES 2008: Hannspree’s first mobile phone, the Zephyr
CES 2008: $50,000 to spare? The Burmester 069 CD player is awaiting you
CES 2008: Microsoft confirms open to idea of Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360
CES 2008: Zoom around on a pair of iShoes
CES 2008: Best car of the show, hands down
CES 2008: Lasonic’s i931 iPod boombox exists, makes us consider Adidas shelltoes

CES 2008: Never get up from your pool lounger again, thanks to the RC Cooler
CES 2008: NoPoPo are AA batteries powered by water, beer or your own pee
CES 2008: More footage of the ace Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker
CES 2008: Dogbot meets webcam
CES 2008 Video: Wyclef Jean on Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, and the generation gap. With bonus dancing.

CES 2008: Don Was talks digital music at Billboard Digital Music Live
CES 2008: Daisy by Intempo – the first portable low-power internet/FM radio
CES 2008: Team T-bot and Couple flash drives
CES 2008: Motorola launches three new Bluetooth goodies
CES 2008: Da Vinci inspired remote control miniatures
CES 2008: Impecca WiFi picture frames accesses your photos from afar
CES 2008; Lasonic’s Heineken MP3 player. Beer-breath essential.
CES 2008: Sony Ericsson claims HBH-PV712 Style Edition Bluetooth headset is the ‘must-have handbag accessory’
CES 2008: Blue Ant voice-activated bluetooth headset

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