CES 2008: Motorola launches three new Bluetooth goodies


Motorola has a number of decent stereo Bluetooth devices on the market and I went to check out what it’ll be launching later in the year. I was disappointed to find that there aren’t any new sets of DJ style headphones, which I prefer for their ear heating properties over the winter months. There was, however, a revamped version of the Motorola S9, excitingly named the Motorola S9-HD.

These are going to blow their predecessor out of the water because they have added the letters ‘HD’ to the title introduced noise reduction technology so people will be able to hear what your saying when you’re chatting on a busy street. The internal audio system has had a redesign too, so that the set now offers SRS-WOW rather than direct audio, which should make for a more comfortable long-term listening experience.

The headset is A2DP and AVRCP enabled, water-resistant and will give you about 6 hours listening time from a single charge.

Moto also had a couple of Bluetooth speaker sets – the EQ7 and EQ5 Rokr. The larger of the two, the EQ7, is designed for home usage; in the kitchen for example, Unlike a lot of Bluetooth speaker sets, it has a built in microphone and echo cancellation so that you can use it calling as well as listening to tunes.

The smaller EQ5 is more portable and basically aimed at office desktops and business travellers. It’s a nice compact little unit which sounds decent for making hands free class while you tap away at your keyboard, but it’s speakers are so small, I can’t see it being much use as a music player.


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