Motorola formally introduces MOTO ROKR E8 music mobile phone to the masses


Last night at an exclusive London event, Motorola launched the MOTO ROKR E8 handset, which is aimed at music aficionados.

Featuring ModeShift technology, it turns from a music player back to a phone with the touch of one button, and has FastScroll navigation for rolling through your songs – you can store 3,000 of them due to the 2GB of storage – and locate the one you want easily. Unfortunately you have to use Windows Media Player 11 to transfer those tunes, however.

Specs-wise, there’s Bluetooth, a full HTML web browser, haptics, a 2.0-megapixel camera, and microSD card slot. Sadly…

Transformed: the robot that's a Motorola ROKR in disguise


Fancy a Motorola ROKR mobile? No? Okay, it’s not the most inspiring handset in the world. What if it could turn into a robot though, eh? Thought that’d get your GeekDrool going.

Check this out. I have no idea who made it, why they did it, or how much it cost. But I do know that I want one – more even than I want an iPod Touch, a crate of organic cider, or a hooky Russian oil billionnaire to fund Bishops Stortford FC. It’s genius.