CES 2008: Impecca WiFi picture frames accesses your photos from afar


impecca_frame.jpgDigital Photo frames are another staple of CES, although having been utterly bowled over by the stunning intensity of Sony’s little OLED screens, I wonder how long the traditional LCD digital picture frames are going to keep up. But now that LCD frames have been lurking around for a fair old while, they’re starting to enjoy some really powerful connectivity options. The latest set from Impecca, which makes a fair few digital frames, along with iPod docks and portable DVD players, offer WiFi access and the ability to stream pictures from the internet.

That means that once you’ve given your long-distance relatives an Impecca frame for Xmas, they don’t need to waste time filling it with their own content – it will always have all the pictures you want it to have. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Or at least until you get pissed and decide to upload a shot of naked arse on to the database.

The WiFi frames also have a built in web browser giving you access to Yahoo! and Google, although I think you’d be getting pretty desperate if you’re using a digital picture frame to browse the web. Images, video and audio clips available for download include in the following formats: JPEG, AVI, DIVX, MPEG – 1, 2, 4, and MP3/WMA. The WiFi frame has an internal memory 32M and is expandable to 2GB and supports compatible memory cards featuring CF/SD/Memory Stick/XD.


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