iTunes could get flexible pricing thanks to rumoured HBO deal

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itunes_logo.jpgAccording to sources, HBO could begin selling TV shows on the US iTunes Store at variable prices.

Until now, TV shows and music has been sold at fixed prices, and that was, in part, the reason why NBC pulled some of its shows from iTunes last year. Apple’s current thinking is that a single price for this content, regardless of whether it’s a new release or archive, makes it simpler for the consumer.

Having said that, consumers generally get the idea of selling content at different prices — traditional music and video stores have been doing it for years. Not only that, but a similar model is taking shape for iTunes movie downloads. Variable pricing could open the door to special offers from content owners, and so long as the prices are consistently displayed, it’s no different to shopping at many other online retailers.

It’s fairly academic for UK iTunes Store, but if things change Stateside we could see variable pricing of music and TV shows here too. Films, too, if we ever get them.

(Via Reuters)

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