Google Shopper searches stores using your voice or camera phone

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Google have launched their very own shopping app, Google Shopper

Google Shopper lets users browse stores using voice and picture recognition, or by using an inbuilt barcode scanner. For instance, take a picture of an Xbox game or speak it’s title into your mobile, and the app will find all the information it can on the game on the web, throwing up deals, reviews and info you may not get on the high-street.

The app is still in what Google calls the “Lab stages”, meaning that some functionality may need a little tweaking yet, or that other tools may yet be included.

As it stands though, it’s looking really smart, making it easy to find the best deals on the items you’re after. It could well be the Android marketplace’s killer app, but as Google have yet to confirm it as an Android exclusive, it could yet pop up on an iPhone near you too.

Click here to give the app a try.

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