Zumba phone promises secure, accurate voice control

Designed on an industrial estate in Hereford, the Zumba is the world’s first fully hands-free mobile phone. It comes in two sections – an earpiece and a body. The body is about the size of a credit card and looks a bit like an MP3 player. The earpiece is more like a hearing aid.

Voice recognition tech navigates you through the menus and your contacts are securely stored on a website called “Zumba Lumba”(!). The manufacturers claim that if lost, the phone is useless to anyone but you. It’ll be in shops before the end of the year, and there’s no price tag yet.

(via Reg Hardware)

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Hello, Hello Kitty Robo

hello-kitty-robo.jpgIf no one else understands you, Hello Kitty Robo might be able to help. It has a microphone for listening to your crazed whispers, plus, being a dependable robot, it won’t then post all your secrets to the internet.

Kitty has stereo cameras for face recognition, so hopefully it can see when you’re crying and rotate one of its moving arms to attempt something approaching a reassuring hug…