Hello, Hello Kitty Robo


hello-kitty-robo.jpgIf no one else understands you, Hello Kitty Robo might be able to help. It (she?) has a microphone for listening to your crazed whispers, plus, being a dependable robot, it won’t then post all your secrets to the internet.

Kitty has stereo cameras for face recognition too, so hopefully it can see when you’re crying and rotate one of its moving arms upwards to attempt something approaching a reassuring hug.

Makers NEC and Futaba amazingly suggest Hello Kitty Robo could be used for baby-sitting, or at least to keep a child company when the parents aren’t around.

Which is fine and no doubt acceptable in robot-welcoming societies like Japan, but the main problem is… Hello Kitty Robo costs over six thousand dollars to import. Either there are some pretty minted HK fans out there, or this thing’s only meant for lunatic collectors to save with the hope of eBaying for twice the price in a year.

Via (<a href=http://www.dreamkitty.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=K-EM070605&Category_Code=HKDL”>Dream Kitty)

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