Idiot analyst predicts death of mouse by 2013


Just to clarify: that’s not one individual mouse – such as a cheeky, fun-loving rodent inhabiting said analyst’s house, much to the annoyance of his hapless, accident-prone cat. No he’s talking about the humble computer mouse, invented back in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart and probably now attached to over a billion personal computers even as I type this. No matter; Garter analyst Steve Prentice reckons that their final days will come in the next 3-5 years.

Google working on improved image searching for a trillion online pictures


According to Google, almost one trillion images now exist online, thanks to the explosion in popularity of digital cameras and camera phones. and the company is looking at ways to improve how users can search for the pictures they want.

Currently, Google’s image search relies on textual information stored in and around images on web pages. This is fine to a point, but not only does it have the potential to be abused by people trying to make their web pages more popular, but it relies on a human to correctly categorise a picture and what it contains…

Hello, Hello Kitty Robo

hello-kitty-robo.jpgIf no one else understands you, Hello Kitty Robo might be able to help. It has a microphone for listening to your crazed whispers, plus, being a dependable robot, it won’t then post all your secrets to the internet.

Kitty has stereo cameras for face recognition, so hopefully it can see when you’re crying and rotate one of its moving arms to attempt something approaching a reassuring hug…