JVC's gesture-controlled TV responds to applause


jvc-gesture-recognition-tv.jpgIt looks like an ordinary telly, but JVC’s “handclap & gesture recognition TV” has one thing other TVs don’t – ears.

Two handclaps open up the volume and channel changing options, for example, with the two on-screen icons flashing red alternately – clap again to select your option when it’s highlighted. It sounds very clever, albeit vastly more cumbersome than just pressing a button with your little finger.

And the TV also has eyes! A video camera scans for signs of human hands, allowing couch-bound viewers to grab icons and select options by waving their hands about in the air.

But whether clapping your hands and waving your arms about is more or less effort than finding the remote control and pressing a button, we’re not entirely sure. Actually, we are sure, having just given it five seconds of thought right then – this is a very rubbish idea.

Via (Tech On)

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Gary Cutlack
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