Apple doubles iPhone 3G download cap to 20MB

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iphone-1.jpgSome interesting news filtering in from 9to5Mac just now. Apparently, Apple have raised the 3G download cap on iPhones from 10MB to 20MB.

In an attempt to maintain their coveted high-quality user experience, Apple had initially set the limit low on purpose, believing that networks may not be able to handle larger downloads efficiently and lead people to believe that the iPhone was sluggish as a result.

Today’s news means that users will be able to download lengthier podcasts and more complicated apps.

The move is likely also in preparation for the launch of the iPad. Improved graphic capabilities on the iPad’s larger screen will also lead to larger file sizes, so it appears Apple may be expecting to see some pretty special apps headed to their store in the near future.

Via: 9to5Mac

Gerald Lynch
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