Will Apple limit iPhone 3G in UK as punishment for unlocking, and why should they care?


According to inside sources in the mobile retail industry, Apple is planning to limit sales of the iPhone 3G in the UK because it’s pissed off (that’s the technical term, you understand) with Brits unlocking and doing naughty things with it.

Statistics suggest that only 15% (that’s around one in six) of the first generation iPhones sold in the UK were activated for use on the O2 network. The rest were either unlocked for use on other British networks or were sold on abroad…

O2 expects high demand for iPhone 3G: one per customer only


O2 has just announced that, due to expected high demand for the iPhone 3G, orders will be limited to just one per customer on a strictly first-come-first-serve basis. It’s not clear whether the Carphone Warehouse will also impose this restriction, but it’s likely.

Unlike our American friends, who have now been told by AT&T that the handset will go on sale from 8am local time at AT&T stores, all we have to go on is the 11th July date. Rumours of O2 stores opening at 7am may be true, though we never saw preregistration begin yesterday…

Facebook lifting 5,000 friend limit is "a fake rumor" according to Loic Le Meur


This is Robert Scoble. He has too many friends on Facebook as you can see. Many others share similar plights – Jason Calacanis, comedian Jimmy Carr, heck – even Yoko Ono.

French blogger-turned web entrepreneur, Loic Le Meur (see my video interview with him here), whilst approaching that 5,000 friend limit fast, has published a post on his personal blog, drenching water all over that fiery hot rumour of recent times, that Facebook was soon to be lifting the 5,000 friend limit, claiming “it was a fake rumor”…