Dell WANTS IN on the MP3 player and music retailing scene?

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Dell-lifestyle-mp3-player-coming.jpgBox-shifter par excellence Dell is planning to enter the MP3 player market, according to a bit of sniffing around from the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ reckons that Dell wants a bit of the lucrative music retailing pie as well, so is planning to launch what industry experts will be calling an “iTunes killer” alongside its alleged range of players.

The player and related shopping service – based on the Zing system Dell acquired last year – will launch in September, according to the WSJ’s Dell insiders, with a version of the player and delivery service currently being tested right now by special Dell people.

So what will it be? An iTunes for the common man? Or an even lower-profile repeat of Zune? My farm is currently riding on the latter.

(Via The Guardian)

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