CES 2009: XRocker Vibe – 2.1 audio vibro gaming unit

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xrocker-vibe.jpgI don’t really have the cupboard space or the cash to fill my life with gaming furniture when I’ve got a perfectly good sofa, but then my sofa doesn’t vibrate, output 2.1 channel audio or pulse with LEDs. That’s what you’d buy the XRocker Vibe for, as pictured here beneath the feet of a concentrating GH player.

The chick with the heels in the background obviously can’t handle the heavy vibrations the device shoots up your legs with the full power of an overclocked subwoofer. The idea is that you feel the game as well as hear it and see it, but then I suppose we’re all familiar with rumble packs by now.

The trouble is that there isn’t exactly a wealth of games that you want to stand up to play. In fact, there’s one depending upon whether you own Rock Band or Guitar Hero. The other issue is that the resulting sound seemed too heavy on the base and distortion when I had a go on the showroom floor but I can’t deny that it added a certain edge to the gameplay.

(Picture via Joystiq)

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Daniel Sung
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