Creative launches Vado HD pocket camcorder in the UK


Creative has finally brought the high definition follow-up to its Vado pocket camcorder to the UK.

The Vado HD offers 720p filming at an unspecified frame rate (though to be true 720p it needs to be at least 24fps – it’s probably 30fps) as well as VGA (YouTube friendly) recording at 30fps.

It’s constructed using a wide-angle glass lens and comes with a 2x digital zoom (yes, digital: pixellation city here we come). Its 8GB of onboard memory should let you shoot around two hours of HD footage, or eight hours at 640×480/30fps…

The Vado budget camcorder is confirmed by Creative, Disgo sobs quietly to itself


Creative has confirmed that poorly-kept secret that did the tour of the tech blogs a few weeks ago, and announced their low-end camcorder, the ‘Vado’, which is sure to stick a knife in Disgo’s, err, USB slot…

An inbuilt USB stick enables easy transfer of video files from the 2GB of internal storage capacity, to your PC for uploading to your various social networking sites, where your friends can leave witty and insightful comments on them like ‘dude that makes me rofl so bad!’

Taking a closer look, the 90g camcorder has a…