Make your expensive architect-designed house look RUBBISH with a LEGO radiator

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lego-radiator-scirocco-brick.jpgSarah Beeny would not be impressed. This could take tens of thousands of pounds off the value of your home. The terms & conditions of your mortgage would be voided. You’d be out on the street for Christmas. If you let your children be in charge of your internal design decisions, you get what you deserve.

This is a concept radiator (or at least a concept image of a concept radiator) by bottom-warming firm Scirocco, made out of component pieces that resemble LEGO. It’s not particularly clever, as all the illustrator has done here is take an existing thing – in this case a household radiator – then imagine what it would look like if it was made out of LEGO.

There’s some complex science behind all this to do with plumbing, efficiency and compartmentalised heating systems that interconnect to bring fun and glamour into the traditionally not-fun and not-glamorous world of radiators, but if you want to read about complex science you’re in the wrong place. It looks like LEGO. That’s our angle.

(Via TrenDir)

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