CES 2009: Sunpentown personal humidifier

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personal-humidifier.jpgWhen I first laid eyes on the Sunpentown SU-1051W personal humidifier at CES 2009, I didn’t think the world of it. Nice that you can attach any kind of standard plastic water bottle to the top of it to use as the reservoir but when do I really need my air humidifying? I thought it was all about dehumidifying? And what about a device that keeps the air just the way it is, while we’re at it?

But that’s another post. The reason you might need your air humidifying, it turns out, is so that your face doesn’t turn into a crisp as mine nearly did in Las Vegas. The desert air is just about 0% water surprise, surprise, meaning that all your mucus membranes dry out at a rate that feels faster than you can drink.

The first way this tends to manifest itself is getting dry lips and it was only after Rob from Boing Boing Gadgets explained this to me that it began to make sense why I’d had to invest in a vat of lip balm. Sadly, a lot of people hadn’t figured this one out and there were a lot of bleeding lips with cracks like the Grand Canyon on the show room floor.

So, it’s now that I look back at the SU-1051W and see what a good little gadget it is. Stick it on your desk, stop your lips from disintegrating and never get computer screen dryballs again because, of course, the other environment for seriously dry air are offices with air conditioning units. Now, I don’t happen to work in one of those but you might.

You can pick a Sunpentown up for just under $60 plus all manner of horrible postage and tax.

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Daniel Sung
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