Unseen Android-based HTC better than Palm Pre, mobile exec claims

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htc-logo.pngHTC could soon be about to rain on Palm’s parade if the boasting of an executive from Australian telco Telstra is any indication.

Apparently, the new Android-based handset is “better and more functional” than the touchscreen Palm Pre with Palm Web OS just unveiled at CES.

“Better and more functional” seems to mean a huge display (nothing like specifics, eh?) and an HTC-tweaked version of Android.

How does this executive know that the HTC handset is better? Apparently, a team of executives from Telstra met with Palm at CES and previewed the new Pre.

“We have seen both and we believe that the new HTC phone will be a real competitor to the iPhone and the Pre which at this stage looks nice but is still not delivered to market.”

Oh look, it’s an iPhone killer, too. There’s a surprise.

(Via WMPowerUser (suitably depressed that it won’t run Windows Mobile) and Engadget)

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