The HTC Max 4G – the world's first 4G mobile with WiMAX technology for 70-megabit downloads

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HTC_Max_4G.jpgAnd here we are still trying to think of a reason for 3G to exist.

The HTC Max 4G is the first so-called 4G mobile, thanks to HTC’s technicians incorporating WiMAX technology inside a very similar package to its Touch HD – and therefore giving theoretical, network-permitting, mountains and trees-permitting, battery-permitting, server-permitting maximum download speeds of around 70Mb per second.

The WiMAX system also allows users to bypass mobile networks completely, should both callers have WiMAX-equipped phones and be near enough to each other for the new wi-fi/radio/network standard to work.

Running Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro on a 3.8″ 480 x 800 WVGA resolution
 touch screen, the Max 4G will appear in Russia first at the end of November.

(Via Akihabara)

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