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CES 2009

CES_8838.JPGWell good evening all Asus fans in the UK and welcome to the press conference you’ve been waiting for and the first of CES 2009 here on Tech Digest. My name is Daniel, I shall be your editor for the day. Stay with me on this tour of what the netbook nobility has to offer.

23:46 The third and final area is shared computing and this is centred around the stunning looking new concept machine with two interfaces and a multi user mode. Unclear as to whether and when we’ll be seeing it and indeed if anyone wants to share computers at all but it’s good looking stuff all the same.

23:32 The Eee Keyboard is the next on the list. It may be a keyboard but it works like a computer apparently. It’s designed to work with media centres, weighing less than 2lbs and will interace with all of your screens, monitors and systems throughout the house. Lots of kit from Asus today.


23:30 The third element of Asus touch based computing is the swivel screen Asus Eee PC T91 Touch netbook with GPS and TV tuner too.

23:29The next type of touch based computing is for larger laptops which will now feature a second mini screen where the track pad lies. It uses the same battery but is essentially like a second small computer within the main machine. This is the N20.

23:26 The second area Asus have to show us is their developments on touch based computing. We’re being treated to a demo of the new generation of laptops and netbooks, all with touch screens like those seen on the Eee Top. The demo has gone slightly wrong. Oh dear. Twice.

23:23 Right, now I was getting rather nauseated there with Dave Fester from Microsoft but he’s just shown Windows 7 running nicely on a 1GB netbook, and at a good speed too.

23:17 Microsoft has now taken the stage and is giving some kind of very planned public congratulations to Asus. Bucket anyone?

23.10 Asus will be focusing upon three areas. The first is mobile computing and they’re launching the Asus Eee PC S121. It features the first 512GB SSD which is twice as fast as the old ones. It’s from 0.9-1″ thick, weighs 3lbs and features 8 hour battery life. Good looking stuff.


23:08 Martketing premable. Unsuprisingly Asus has been doing a storming trade and are now the number five in all worldwide notebook shipments.

Daniel Sung
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