CES 2009: Samsung's other four digital cameras – the WB500, ST10, ST50 and ES55

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As well as four tasty-looking compacts for the lady-blogger’s handbag, Samsung has also revealed a chunkier wide-angle snapper for the man who wants to look like he’s a proper photographer – plus some extremely odd novelties and a 10megapixel £79 job for kids and grandparents.

Samsung has been busy. Here are four more of its camera department’s new designs in a big list, starting with the…


…the WB500, which is Samsung’s first go at doing a mega-zoom camera. This model maxes-out at 10x – and features a wide-angle 24mm lens to battle Panasonic’s extremely popular Lumix range. It has a 10megapixel sensor and can also record movies in HD spec.

Samsung UK has given the WB500 a tentative RRP of £229 and says it’ll be out in the UK from January 2009. Which means soon…


This odd-looking chap’s the ST10. The BIG THING about it is its use of Haptic technology, with the 3″ touch screen vibrating away to help notify your brain that your finger has successfully pressed something.

That screen has also been cleverly used as the front for a media player so you can fill your memory card with MP3s and videos, the lens bits around the front capture images in 9megapixel clarity, plus there’s all kinds of novelty face recognition stuff in it that may make a difference to you, the end user. The ST10 will be out in the UK in February, priced around £179.


This one’s the ES55. It’s “affordable” – only £79 for 10megapixels and a 3x zoom. That’s all you need to know. This one’s not for you, it’s for your mum. Even the model name is dull and unoriginal – Canon’s had an ES55 camcorder on sale for years. You think they would’ve checked first.


And finally, we have the Samsung ST50. Curvaceous to pleasure the lady, it boasts an ultra-slim 14mm body, 2.7″ screen, pushes a decent 12megapixels onto your memory card each time you press the action button and will cost £179 when it hits the UK in March.

That had better be it for Samsung cameras. We’ve had eight. Eight new types of camera is enough.

For more cameras than you can possibly imagine and other new electric things, head over to our CES 2009 overview.

Gary Cutlack
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