CES 2009: Samsung brings Blu-ray to the sound bar with the HT-BD8200


Right, this is defintely the last time I’m writing the word Samsung today and that’s only because the HT-BD8200 is the first and only sound bar to include a Blu-ray player. What is it with them and Blu-ray this year?

The 2.6″ thick bar has a subwoofer and, guess what? Not only does it have USB ports and both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity but it’s also wall mountable too. Was this Samsung’s idea for everything this year? Damn it, I wrote their name again.

You can use the bar to access Netflix and Pandora as you could with the BD-P4600 and they’ve also been kind enough to release a 5.1 and a 2.1 home cinema sound system, called the HT-BD1250 and the HT-BD7200, just in case you really want to splurge all your remaining cash in some last blast credit crunch blaze of glory.



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Daniel Sung