CES 2009: Sonoro Eclipse & Elements W – upgrades to the dock/radio family

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The benefit of owning a Sonoro dock is that you don’t have to hate yourself. They actually look and sound pretty good. Two of the upgrades from CES 2009 are the Eclipse eDock and the Elements W internet radio – that’s the one in the picture above.

Both feature the high gloss laquer and acrylic finish, the brushed metal navigation wheel and crisp and clear OLED displays. The Elements W is the simpler and probably less expensive of the two. It’s an FM and Wi-Fi internet radio giving you access to Vladivostok FM and all the other 10,000 channels on the web.

The Eclipse picks up FM and AM but misses out on the web in a trade off for the dock and CD player. Personally, I’d go for the Elements W. It’s more compact and it really feels like this is the model the designer worked for with the dock and added bulk of the 8.26” x 4.33” x 5.70” Eclipse rather ruining the lines.


No prices as yet. It seems everyone’s is fearing some sort of economic collapse in the next three months but, possibly, you can pick the Sonoros up for two ration tickets and some tinned pineapple chunks when they come out.


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Daniel Sung
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