CES 2009: MSI goes Mac with the super thin MSI X320 netbook

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I’m starting to get a little sick of computers without optical drives what with the world still handing out CDs full of drivers, software and all manner of useful and inaccessible data, but if I could get round that block I’d probably be really impressed with the MSI X320 as unveiled at CES, er, Unveiled 2009 today.

The 13.4″, 16:9 ratio machine is MacBook Air thin at under 1″ and relatively thin on the wallet too at an expect $799 when it’s released. It’s run by the Intel Atom and weighs 1.3kg which probably makes it a netbook not that MSI is that bothered what people want to class it as, so long as they buy it and they will.


It looks ace, if slightly unoriginal. No word on the battery life as yet but it does come with three USBs ports, an Ethernet, VGA output and, of course, no sodding disk drive.


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Daniel Sung
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One thought on “CES 2009: MSI goes Mac with the super thin MSI X320 netbook

  • Personally, I’m all in favour of anything that pushes us more towards cloud-computing. I’ve already moved all my contacts, emails, documents, bookmarks etc… off my local device storage and out on to the internet in various places. The next step is all my media and that will be more or less everything.

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