No Facebook app on Android – not until Google does it for them

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facebook-app.jpgThose umming and and erring over whether or not to sign up to Android when it hits UK handsets next week might want to consider that there will not be a Facebook application for it. Yes, you heard me – well, not one made by Facebook anyway.

The social networking supremo has set aside precisely zero pounds and zero pence of budget for Android development unlike the cash they chucked in to get a space on the iPhone or the engineers they leant RIM for their BlackBerry real estate.

There’s little love lost between Google and Facebook. Facebook went to Microsoft for advertising and Google supports MySpace, so perhaps this is all of little surprise. You can bet your bottom dollar, which I’m sure you can reach a lot faster than either of the internet leviathans, that neither is going to do the other any favours here. You can also bet that some kind Android fan will do the job for them.

Of course, the real loser here is Motorola. Their “social Android” phone isn’t going to look too clever if it has to launch without Facebook, now is it?

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