Steve Jobs "heart attack" claim was done by a kid, on the internet, for a laugh

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fat-steve-jobs-circa-1990.jpgNews that Steve Jobs had suffered a “heart attack” swirled around the internet at the beginning of the month, triggering a 5.4% drop in Apple’s share price, panic among Apple fans and quite a few tears from the more emotional hardware enthusiasts.

Only he didn’t have a heart attack. It was a lie. A joke.

The not particularly hilarious “joke” was posted as news by an 18-year-old on “citizen journalist” site iReport, triggering a full investigation by the US government’s Securities and Exchange Commission after it hit Apple’s share price rather hard.

The SEC is believed to have come to the conclusion that the teenager did it for a joke, acting alone, for fun not money, and didn’t realise it would create a global crisis that would end up with the government getting involved.

His mum is presumably livid, and we would imagine he has been told to keep his head down and stay out of trouble from now on.

(Via Bloomberg)

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