Facebook bans Burger King ad campaign


A week or so ago, Burger King announced an advertising campaign where deleting ten friends would get you a voucher for a free whopper. It spread quite quickly, and 233,906 friends were removed by 82,771 people in less than a week.

Facebook, unsurprisingly, isn’t too happy – it knows its value lies in those friend links. As a result, it’s banned the campaign, citing privacy reasons. Turns out that Facebook isn’t keen on apps notifying users when they’ve been ‘cut’ by another friend. Full statement over the jump.

EXCLUSIVE: Plaster your friends' faces onto tshirts with Super Photos from Photobox


Photo printing service Photobox, who specialise in putting pictures of cats onto mugs, and that sort of thing, are extending their API to integrate with Facebook. Very soon you’ll be able to put any photos from your Facebook account onto mousemats, or paperweights, or keyrings, or even onto stretched canvas. Just the thing for a last minute birthday present for Mum – your grinning face on a handbag…

Barclaycard goes green with launch of "Green-O-Meter" Facebook application


Barclaycard has announced the launch of its “Green-O-Meter” Facebook application, which tests how environmentally friendly your life is by answering a range of questions on household, shopping, food, and travel.

The application also offers suggestions for greener living, and users can compare their scores with friends much as per other Facebook applications. In the future, additional quizzes will be added to the application…

Facebook gets cross-platform blogging application: Blog It from Six Apart


Hoping to appeal to high-powered bloggers who own multiple blogs and have a strong presence on Facebook, Six Apart has launched the Blog It application to let users update their blogs and “microblogs” directly from Facebook.

Six Apart are the creators of TypePad, amongst other services, but wanted to create an application that allows a wide range of platforms to be updated. Around a dozen popularw blogging platforms — including WordPress, Movable Type, Vox, and Blogger — can be updated, as well as microblogging services such as Twitter and Pownce…

RealNetworks spurns Scrabulous, brings legal Scrabble to Facebook


Last time we checked, RealNetworks – the body that owns legit Scrabble licenses from Hasbro and Mattel – was negotiating to buy the absurdly popular Scrabulous Facebook minigame. Despite having the potential for offering RealNetworks a serious leg up in the world of social network gaming, it seems the deal fell through (some say the creators, Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, wanted a bit too much dosh for it). So RealNetworks has abandoned the idea and launched a whole new version of Scrabble instead…