Barclaycard goes green with launch of "Green-O-Meter" Facebook application

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barclaycard_green-o-meter_facebook_application.jpgBarclaycard has announced the launch of its “Green-O-Meter” Facebook application, which tests how environmentally friendly your life is by answering a range of questions on household, shopping, food, and travel.

The application also offers suggestions for greener living, and users can compare their scores with friends much as per other Facebook applications. In the future, additional quizzes will be added to the application.

Of course, the application has been set up to promote Barclaycard’s Breathe card, which donates 50% of its profits to carbon reduction projects around the world and offers discounts to promote greener spending.

It’s not the most exciting application ever, and there are plenty of other ways of finding out how eco-friendly your lifestyle is. How successful it is will depend on whether Facebook users like it enough for it to spread virally.

There’s been an increase in the number of companies trying to break into social networking sites, but they’ll only likely be successful if they have something interesting and unique to offer, are transparent, and don’t simply try hard sell tactics.


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