RealNetworks may buy Scrabulous, legal online Scrabble-esque gameplay for all

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scrabulous_board.gifMassively popular but essentially illegal Scrabulous could soon find a saviour.

According to online reports, RealNetworks — who already have licences from both Hasbro and Mattel — has been working closely with the Agarwalla brothers to bring the official Scrabble game to Facebook users.

In addition, Bill Hankes, VP of Corporate Communications at RealNetworks, said in an email published by GigaOm, that their company is not part of any legal action against Scrabulous, and that they were “in a unique position to bring all the parties together in an effort to preserve the Scrabble experience for millions of Scrabulous fans.”

Scrabulous is definitely popular, as a recent Facebook petition testifies, so anything which brings hope to its survival has to be a good thing.

GigaOm speculates that such a deal would be great for RealNetworks, as it could give them a foot in the door of casual gaming on Facebook. Although Facebook users may not really care who saves Scrabulous, so long as they can still play it, they may well win a few fans along the way.

(Via GigaOm)

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