Woman racks up £11,000 in data fees – to download four episodes of Friends


friends-download-shame.jpgThe poor wife of a “city executive” managed to rack up £11k in data fees, after queuing up a few TV shows for download.

The download would’ve been free in the UK, but, sadly, the “businessman” husband had to fly to Germany to perform some important business and took his account with him – where the downloads resumed.

So the insane roaming fees kicked in, accumulating the whopping bill as the poor man unwittingly downloaded four episodes of the abysmal sit “com” without even realising.

Ed Richards, from industry watchdog Ofcom, said “We will be looking to take action,” which is no surprise – Ofcom and the EU have been raging against mobile operators and their ludicrously high roaming fees for years. Having mistakenly checked my voicemail from Australia a couple of times while on holiday – and ended up with a £240 bill – I hope Ed takes them all down. To HELL.

Although… she was downloading Friends. The show that’s on TV 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, on a continuous cycle on numerous TV channels, often simultaneously. She doesn’t deserve help.

(Via The Telegraph)

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One thought on “Woman racks up £11,000 in data fees – to download four episodes of Friends

  • I went to Finland recently and used my iphone for the week checking emails and casually surfing the web a couple of evenings.. I was alarmed to find my iphone was barred a week later for an unpaid bill.. I called O2 and they had barred the account dues to the fact i had run up a £600 bill!! I had no idea that roaming costs were so high.. If i had known I wouldn’t have even turned it on! Luckily the guy on the phone managed to get O2 to waive the fee as good will gesture as I was unaware of the cost involved. It was £7 per mb, and I downloaded 96 that week… BEWARE!! But big up to O2 for the free surfing!

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