Save Scrabulous campaign gathers pace among Facebook users

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I reported earlier this week on the row blowing up around Scrabulous, the website and Facebook application word game that’s heavily inspired by Scrabble. Well, it is Scrabble, if I’m honest. And that’s why the latter’s brand-owners Mattel and Hasbro want it removed from Facebook.

Anyway, a campaign to save Scrabulous is building up a head of steam, with more than 20,000 people signed up to its Facebook group, and an online petition with over 2,600 signatures. Yet on the face of it, Scrabulous’ developers don’t have a leg to stand on: it’s about as clear an example of infringement as you can find.

However, the Facebook group’s intro message takes a realistic view: “The copyright infringement is obvious and, in retrospect, the developers of Scraboulous should have done more to create their own spin on it… We in this group realize this, but we urge Hasbro to make the right decision. Rather than kill this application, they should work out a peaceful compromise with the developers to keep this success going.”

Watch this space…

Save Scrabulous Facebook group

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