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Heard about the Chocolate hob? No, this isn’t a dreadful joke. It’s a new cooktop from Siemens that comes with touch controls inspired (it seems) by LG’s Chocolate phone. The actual name for it is the touchSlider cooktop.

You work it by sliding your finger across the controls at the front of the cooktop to adjust the temperature and stuff. At last, you can heat up a can of beans while feeling like a HIGH TECH WARRIOR (or, alternatively, you can burn your fingers to a crisp scrabbling around when trying to make a post-pub fry-up while drunk).

You probably can’t burn your fingers to a crisp, I should add. Siemens probably has more lawyers than I do. Anyway, the touchSlider is an accessory, so you’ll need to buy it with another Siemens hob. More details on the website below.

Siemens touchSlider website (via Gadget Lab)

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