Mindflex: Screwball Scramble toy for X-Men

Boardgames have come a long way since Mouse-Trap: it's not just about worrying if you've lost the diver piece, you've now got to make sure all the brainwave-monitoring controls are securely attatched near your frontal brain lobe too. As is…

Puppy Tweets lets your dog bark in 140 characters

Remember all those You've Been Framed clips of dogs playing the piano? Well that was just the beginning; thanks to Mattel's Puppy Tweets collar tag, your dog is about to enter the online world of social networking and Twitter. No,…

Facebook blocks Scrabulous worldwide


In a not-entirely-unexpected development of the story of the grim fate of Scrabulous, Facebook have blocked the Scrabble-clone application in every country except India. Mattel, who own the rights to Scrabble outside of North America, formally demanded the block due to copyright concerns…

Scrabble® vs Scrabulous: It's Facebook application war!

Scrabble Feature.jpg

Scrabble makers Mattel have decided if you can’t beat ’em, design a Facebook application that looks better than theirs, and after failing in their attempt to give the hugely popular but unofficial Scrabulous the boot, the board game giants have launched their own version.

Never ones to sit on the sidelines, we at Shiny have decided to wade in with our opinions like English footballs in a quiet Continental cafe. As a hardcore Scrabulite and member of the successful “Save Scrabulous” Facebook group, it’s been left to me to make the call in this clash of the titans and decide which the is king of alphabetic applications…

RealNetworks may buy Scrabulous, legal online Scrabble-esque gameplay for all


Scrabulous is definitely popular, as a recent Facebook petition testifies, so anything which brings hope to its survival has to be a good thing.

GigaOm speculates that such a deal would be great for RealNetworks, as it could give them a foot in the door of casual gaming on Facebook. Although Facebook users may not really care who saves Scrabulous, so long as they can still play it, they may well win a few fans along the way.