Mindflex: Screwball Scramble toy for X-Men

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mindflex thumb.JPGBoardgames have come a long way since Mouse-Trap: it’s not just about worrying if you’ve lost the diver piece, you’ve now got to make sure all the brainwave-monitoring controls are securely attatched near your frontal brain lobe too.

As is the way to play Mindflex, the latest (and not to mention craziest) toy to come out of the Mattel stable in time for Christmas.

Using only the power of your mind, you’re tasked with guiding a small foam ball through an obstacle course. It’s a bit like Screwball Scramble, but if that boardgame was designed to test your mutant X-Men powers.

How does this work you ask? Well, players pop on a lightweight headset that’s got all number of fancy sensors attatched. Working like an EEG monitor, it can then judge how intensely you are thinking, causing the ball to rise or fall through traps and stops on the course.

A little bit more intense and, ahem, thoughtful, than many toys on the shelves this Christmas, pick it up for around £80 from all good toy shops.

Gerald Lynch
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