Puppy Tweets lets your dog bark in 140 characters

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puppy tweets.jpgRemember all those You’ve Been Framed clips of dogs playing the piano? Well that was just the beginning; thanks to Mattel’s Puppy Tweets collar tag, your dog is about to enter the online world of social networking and Twitter. No, seriously.

First of all, you have to make a Twitter account for little Rex (stay with me here). You then clip the tag onto your dogs collar, which packs in both motion and sound sensing technology. The device then reads and categorises what your pet is up to, and sends it to the dog’s Twitter account. Then you, smug dog owner person, sit back and marvel as the pooch tweets such dignified observations as “YAHOOOOOOOOO! Somedays you just gotta get your bark on” or “I finally caught that tail I’ve been chasing and…OOUUUCHH!”

This isn’t exactly going to change the minds of those who still “don’t get” Twitter yet. But can you think of an anymore zealous a group of animal lovers than dog owners? It’ll sell like hotcakes, though I don’t much fancy an army of Rovers following my feed.

And surely a “Budgie Tweets” collar would have been more appropriate? Hmmm…Excuse me while I just go file a patent…

Gerald Lynch
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  • I don’t know if you are using the favorites option in Twitter, but if you do, there is now an option to create an RSS feed from all your Twitter favorites and import them in Google reader. I would say all the more reason to start tweeting. Your exposure just got bigger

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