Prezzybox launches the Pet's Eye View camera


Occasionally we at Tech Digest receive information on some of the more ‘wacky’ gizmos and gadgets that are being unleashed upon the world of tech. Some we like and some we don’t.

The Pet’s Eye View from Prezzybox is definitely one we like. It’s such a simple idea that you can’t help but like it.

It’s a small, lightweight camera that can be attached to a pet’s collar – we’re talking cats and dogs here people, not gerbils and hamsters – and can be set to take pictures at intervals of either one, five or 15 minutes. It can store up to 40 photos.

If you ever wondered what your pet gets up to during the day then the Pet’s Eye View could provide you with the answer.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if loads of people found out that their dogs had weird, secret habits like cross-dressing or throwing wild toga-parties for the other neighbourhood dogs?

The Pet’s Eye View camera is available now from Prezzybox priced at £39.95.

Cat Genie: completely automated, plumbed in toilet for your feline friend

cat_genie_automated_cat_litter_box.jpgAnyone who has owned a house-trained cat — in other words, one that doesn’t do all its business outside in next-door’s garden — will know the true joy of changing cat litter.

Enter the “Cat Genie” automated cat litter box, which sounds like the ultimate in luxury for both you and your cat.

If your cat isn’t too fussy and can get over the concern of pooping into something that looks like it could also blend it if not careful, then the days of it using old, soiled litter are over.