UK mobile phone call costs could fall as tribunal investigates

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mobile.pngThe high cost of calling to and between mobile phones could drop in the future thanks to investigations by the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT).

The CAT found that Ofcom’s calculation of how much it should cost to call a mobile phone from a landline is still too high, something that BT agrees with, claiming consumers are overcharged £1bn each year.

It also believes that mobile termination rates are far too high, passing on a huge cost to the consumer. The CAT is currently investigating these charges, and will report back on 31st October.

The CAT has also ruled that the 3 mobile network should not be exempt from price caps, something the network argued for because it’s newer and smaller than more established mobile networks. However, 3 also would like to see termination rates abolished completely, which could open up the possibility of unlimited mobile calling plans.

Good news in theory, though there always seems to be a way for mobile companies to squeeze more money from their customers.

(Via The Guardian)

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