Sanyo ready the Xacti DMX-SH11 with 23x optical zoom

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Xacti DMX-SH11.jpgSanyo have unveiled some details on their new Xacti DMX-SH11 camcorder, set to be released in Japan this April.

While you’ll need to have incredibly steady hands to get the most out of its 23x optical zoom (or at least a tripod), you’ll also get 16GB of onboard storage, an ample amount for capturing motion-sickness inducing shaky-cam shots.

As part of Sanyo’s Dual Camera series, the camcorder will also be able to take 4 megapixel still shots. The CMOS sensor is also responsible for recording the video footage, trotting along at a smooth (though not full HD) 1080i/30fps in MPEG-4format.

While a 23x optical zoom seems a little too voyeur-friendly for us, we’ll be keeping you informed on any new news on the Xacti DMX-SH11 as we get it.

Gerald Lynch
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