Asus milking its little white cow – Eee PC accessories flood in


asus-eee-pc-wi-fi-router.jpgAsus has just announced a whole pile of Eee PC upgrades at CeBIT 2008, proving the law that successful thing = masses of add-ons.

Including, the Eee PC Ai Guru U1 VoIP phone, the Eee PC Eee AP 802.11b/g wireless access point, the Eee PC 3.5G HSDPA Card so you can get hammered by roaming fees wherever you may be in the world, and the the Eee PC DVD-RW drive for when you’ve filled the little solid-state hard drive to bursting.

There’s even an all-white Eee-styled USB TV Tuner, for watching and recording TV to your Eee – or any other notebook you may have kicking about.

All of which would be very nice to have, but aren’t they all going against the Eee PC’s reason for existing? It’s very very small. Having to lug around a rucksack full of accessories isn’t the reason we bought the miniature marvel, is it? There are plenty of laptops out there with DVD writers in. Don’t ruin the simplicity of the Eee dream, Asus.

(Via Engadget)

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