BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: D-Link goodies on St.Patrick's Day


St. Patrick’s Day is an utter mystery to me. I completely understand the celebrations in Ireland and slightly appreciate why people in London might want to raise a glass but as for the massive event it is in the States, well, that’s a just a straight piss up, isn’t it? I suppose he’s more the patron saint of drinking rather than anything else.

Anyway, for all those of Irish decent in New York and Chicago and all the millions of hangers on looking for a laugh, I have a bargain of the week for you courtesy of D-Link who has decided to save you some green on their green products while the rivers of America are dyed green and people in the streets slowly turn green themselves. Are you getting the connection?

The point is that they’re offering 10% off whole bunch of routers…

£55 for a painless 802.11n router upgrade? The Trendnet TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader


If you’re still rocking an 802.11b/g wireless router, then you’re living in the dark ages, networkily-speaking. The new n standard is faster, more powerful and more secure. The problem is, though, that upgrading your router is a pain, involving painstaking copying of network settings and a significant cash outlay.

Enter the Trendnet TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader. Plug it into the back of your existing router, and it’ll do everything for you, converting the network to 802.11n and keeping all your existing settings. It’s available in the USA from NewEgg for just $25, but us Brits have to pay £55 for the thing! Hopefully we’ll see a similar price cut in the near future.

Product Page (via OhGizmo!)

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A lick of paint could stop Wi-Fi leeching neighbours


Home decoration and technology doesn’t usually sit well together, but here’s an idea from boffins at the University of Tokyo who have come up with an aluminium-iron oxide paint that can absorb the electromagnetic waves at frequencies typically used by Wi-Fi.

In other words, painting your walls with this stuff could stop your wireless signal from leaking into neighbouring houses.

Interesting concept, but surely it would be much simpler to install some basic security on the wireless router?…