3 mobile busting out mobile routers for home networking


Seeing as everyone’s been going a bit crazy for the whole wireless USB broadband dongle scene, 3 has decided to up its ‘offering’ – by adding a home router to its wireless broadband range.

It’s all because a few extremely forward-thinking people are using their 3 dongles to totally replace their home broadband connection. So, kindly old 3, wants to make it easier on everyone by releasing a combined router/dongle that’ll let us use laptops, PSPs…

Asus milking its little white cow – Eee PC accessories flood in


Asus has just announced a whole pile of Eee PC upgrades at CeBIT 2008, proving the law that successful thing = masses of add-ons.

Including, the Eee PC Ai Guru U1 VoIP phone, the Eee PC Eee AP 802.11b/g wireless access point, the Eee PC 3.5G HSDPA Card so you can get hammered by roaming fees wherever you may be in the world, and the the Eee PC DVD-RW drive for when you’ve filled the little solid-state hard drive to bursting…