3G/WiFi combo ADSL/dongle router by Billion

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3g-wireless-router.jpgThe idea behind Billion’s wireless router that works on ADSL and 3G is a good, and clever too, but I’m not sure why I want one?

The way it works is that you can plug your USB dongle (is that supposed to sound rude?) into this wireless router and create your own hot spot while you’re on the move or simply use it at home with your land line broadband service. Interesting.

The thing is that I don’t really want to carry it around. It’s big and rather negates a lot of the point of a more mobile dongle. Also, call me mean – go on, it’s ok, I can take it – but I don’t really want to supply any one else with my broadband while I’m out and about.

Of course, the real advantage of Billion’s device is that you can dispense with wired-in home broadband altogether and just go with dongle-powered domestic WiFi instead. Now, that would be a saving. The only issue is that, currently, your dongle internet speed is much slower – around half, and that’s only if your 3G signal is good, which it invariably isn’t.

I like this device and the implications but it doesn’t quite seem right to me and I’ve a feeling they’ll be a better solution along before this kind of thing ever gets established – a bit of a MiniDisk, if you know what I mean.

Billion (via Electric Pig)

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Daniel Sung
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  • well in john.
    thats right, if you dont have a land line at home then plug in your dongle to the router and hey presto, you can now connect as many wifi devices as your router will allow.
    obviously it will slow down the more connections, but ideal for 3 laptops

  • I suspect you’ve missed the point of this. Loads of reasons to have it. You have an small office using ADSL and instead of having a 2nd ADSL line as failover you have a dongle, the line fails (And they do) then plug your dongle in, using a dongle would be way cheaper than having a 2nd line. Or else in some areas (North India for instance) ADSL is very expensive and very slow, it’s cheaper and faster to use a dongle plug it in and yo have shared your connection.

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