Apple pushes out third OS X Leopard update, and it's a whopper

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mac_os_x_leopard_box.jpgEight months or so after initial launch, Apple has released the third version of its Leopard operating system (OS X 10.5.3).

It’s a hefty download, and depending on what machine you have and how much needs to be updated, could require a 400MB file to be downloaded. Hope that broadband connection is fired up and ready to go.

With such a massive update, it’s not possible to list every single thing that’s changed, but Apple claims significant improvements to Spotlight searching, wireless connectivity, the Automator, Spaces, and Time Machine, plus a number of other core and standard applications.

Hopefully, stability and speed will have been improved again – Apple traditionally manages to make its operating systems run more efficiently with each new dot upgrade, but only time will tell on that one.

Interestingly, anyone wanting to develop for the iPhone using the Software Development Kit will need to upgrade to the new desktop operating system straight away. There’s no obvious / public reason why this should be, but with June fast approaching (with the expectation of new iPhones and new third party applications) it would hardly be surprising of Apple to put the building blocks in place ahead of time.

All the official details can be found on this knowledgebase article.

(Via Macworld)

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