Apple patent suggests working on multitouch gesturing for OS X


apple_gesture_control_panels.gifIt’s not hard to imagine Apple continuing to update its “multitouch” gesturing ability across a range of its hardware, and given that all of its recent hardware runs using a version of OS X, a patent for a control panel to allow the user to modify it seems entirely plausible.

Gesturing has evolved from original two-finger scrolling on the PowerBook trackpad, through gestures on the iPhone, to additional gesturing on the latest MacBook Air.

Of course, such an idea requires a patent, because Apple seems to patent everything these days.

The control panel would allow the setting up of four-fingered gestures for accessing Exposé and the Dashboard, for using thumb and forefinger for various file operations, and editing operations using thumb and two fingers.

The patent suggests that Apple has technology capable of distinguishing between various patterns and combinations of fingers, including adjacent and non-adjacent finger presses, and the little finger being used on its side.

(Via MacRumors)

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